The Armstrong Clan Society 

            Loch Norman (Charlotte, NC) Scottish Games


The Armstrong Clan Society has been organized to:

1) Seek friendship and unity among Armstrongs and associated families.

2)  Provide for the preservation of Armstrong artifacts unique to the family and to maintain a library.

 3) Serve as a genealogical and historical recorder of the membership,

 4) Provide quarterly news, Armstrong history and genealogy via The Armstrong Chronicles,

 5) Establish geographic membership representation.


All Armstrongs, Croziers, Fairbairns, Groziers and Nixons, regardless of spelling, and their descendants, are eligible for full membership in The Society. All others interested in furthering the goals of The Society may become associate members. In the United States and Canada, dues are $25 per year, including two adults and all minor children. In all other countries dues are $35 per year, payable in US funds.

You can click here to download a membership application.

Lord Lyon, King of Arms, Recognizes an Honorable Company

On September 24, 1984 the Lord Lyon, King of Arms granted warrant to the Lyon clerk to matriculate in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland in the name of Armstrong Clan Society, Inc. "acting world-wide and in particular within the United States of America" to further the interests of the Armstrong family. Matriculated in the 8th day of February 1985 in the 110th page of the 62nd volume of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.


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    It was beautiful clear day in the third week of April when these games were held. For more than the past fifteen years, Jeff and his wife Melissa have been hosting the ACS tent at these games. Their children, Ellie and Curtis, once again were medal winners at the children's competitions. Great pipe bands and a good crowd completed the day.

Massed Bands Performing


Busy at the Clan Tent

Proper way to destroy old USA flags

"Old Time" encampment area

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